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The ambassador network is a group of volunteers who share the same vision and regularly take action to reduce their environmental footprint in a sustainable way.
By sharing their contribution via different social media channels and by always tagging the #10wastechallenge, they play a part in broadening its audience while raising awareness. Their actions unite and inspire other people to commit to the same type of initiatives. To this end, ambassadors are above all excellent communicators, capable of motivating other people by setting an example. 

The 10WC shares each of the initiatives undertaken by its ambassadors on its official pages. The 10WC team takes care to convey the ambassador's key message and to add a personal word of thanks. Sharing their activities gives ambassadors visibility on a global scale.

Here are a few examples of the action taken by our ambassadors:


  • Planning and organising litter-picking sessions - individually or as a group.

  • Organising zero-waste events or campaigns across different social media platforms.

  • Communicating about the need to reduce our plastic use or even adopt a zero-waste lifestyle.

  • Producing content (videos, photos, articles) to raise awareness.


  • Promoting action taken by organisations involved in environmental protection.

Would you be interested in organising an event (information session, litter-picking, etc.)

Thank you for registering! We can’t wait to read your profile!

Ambassador Tribe
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