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Devote at least 10 minutes and collect as much litter as you can.

Just 10 minutes to help preserve our beautiful planet!


Share a pic (or vid) of you with the litter you’ve collected, and use the hashtags #10wastechallenge, #usefulselfie.


You can also send us your photos here.

Be creative!


Until this challenge becomes second nature!

A 10-minute habit that really makes sense.


The 10wastechallenge® encourages positive (individual and collective) environmental practices, particularly those associated with the litter problem on a global scale.


This initiative places an emphasis on action to eliminate littering and fly-tipping, which is polluting various habitats all over the world (forests, oceans, deserts, cities, etc.). Guided by the latest scientific knowledge, we use social media to make our activities and information accessible.  

We strive to achieve this goal by inspiring people from all walks of life to see this as their own cause. 




" La photo qui fait du bien au service d’une planète qui doit être la première préoccupation de tous. 
Unissons nos déclics pour que le monde ne s’écroule pas sous nos déchets ! "

Agnès Grégoire, Editor-in-chief

Photo Magazine  |

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