10wastechallenge® is more than a challenge ; it's a way of life.

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" I had this huge privilege to grow up in the countryside, and to travel worldwide to discover the wonders from nature. And I've realized that in some parts of the world, people were more respectful to their environment in terms of cleanliness, non degradation of the facilities, and respecting the living being. Littering is punished by important fine, and many (non) touristic sites are equiped with appropriate trash bin, allowing sometimes selective sorting of the wastes.  I was taught by my grand-parents to respect plants, animals and nature. But I cannot ignore that this education is not transmited in every family. In Belgium, littering is not punished by laws neither. Therefore, participating to this challenge is my way to contribute, with small actions, to a greener planet, and to transfer those very important values to my own kids. I think it is easy to find 10 min a day to do that, and from experience, believe me, you feel really well to do something for the confort of everyone. "

Laetitia Mespouille